Friday, 2 June 2017

Hot days in Madrid, glimpse II

 Standard on multiple postcards: this jungle inside the main train station. 
 There is a pond with 70 or more turtles too.
Excellent place to relax amoung the rushing people. 
 I hope more stations will introduce this.
 Taken from the inside of my first Uber! Our driver had for example lived on the Canary Islands. 
 Near the Gran Vía, biggest and most famous road in the centre.
 Excellent invention for the foot.
 Two large fountains, rather close to each other, serve traditionally as swimming pools for one of the biggest Spanish football teams in case one of them wins.
 A tasty burger place. A bit noisy and I didn't like the chips, but it said with big letters on the wall which city in Europe the potatoes came from. The modern beverage machines offered plenty of soda or ice tea, so I had cherry flavoured coke zero zero (no caffeine no sugar). You choose yourself what toppings you want for your burger and it is fat dripping (arm with napkins) but nice.
 And the guys pat themselves on the back with quotes everywhere. 
In the next Madrid glimpse, I will show you the city from above! 

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