Thursday, 22 June 2017

Calasparra market!

Held traditionally on Fridays. 
I attended thrice. Haven't figured out whether some vendors offer better products than others, which must be the case.
Surprisingly, some vegetables come from 100 km away - Albacete, for example, a city not particularly known for anything. 
If you have not tried this before, it is a very nice feeling to shop everything fresh and get home and eat it all right away.
Talking a little more than 100 km.
June is the apricot season and they are so tender, so soft.
You can also acquire succulents. 
Practically a green part of the desert! 
Chicken and potatoes, a nice lunch option.
 To sum up, vendors proudly (or bored) show up dried fish, cheese, sausages and foremost fruits fruits fruits vegetables vegetables vegetables. 
 Also - candy.
Arrangements are very different. Some have lush crops bunched beautifully. Some have a few potatoes and withered leftovers spread out, so nobody goes there - but maybe that is the result of really good business in the earlier hours.

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