Tuesday, 2 May 2017

When I went to Los Alcazares... for at least the third time

 We started off with ice cream in Murcia 
 and a short walk in town, 
 before we got into the car
 and passed by retro
 and artichokes. 
 Los Alcazares is small
 with a bunch of cute places
 where people tend to have beach houses
 and a small airport is near, how practical. An ABANDONED airport is also not too far, maybe in a future blog post?
 This was a good windy day for wind surfing, for example. Lots of enthusiasts in the lagoon.  
 A historic exhibition on the balconies. 
 And perhaps a glimpse of the future? 
 This is inside a hotel which was a spa in the beginning of the previous century. 
 Same hotel, modern part, cortyard. Note the BLUE ELEPHANT, it hangs there as a jungle decoration because kids had a party there to celebrate their first Communion. 
 We were clever, because we came when the water was warm.
 *music by Beach Boys*
But we wet our hands, that's all. We drank tea and predicted our futures based on the lines on our palms the most. Sunkisses to you!

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