Saturday, 27 May 2017

Through the lens in København

Arctic pole? River delta? Neither, just Swedish land rich with lakes seven in the morning when you fly over to Denmark. 
This is a "casual photo". It means, I took out the camera at a random spot, aimed at one of the most touristic building and spoke about something entirely different with my company. Ultimately, it shows how good of a photographer I am and the equipment I have when I don't even bother. Go ahead, hire me.
The most important here is of course the cotton candy dream to the left. 
It speaks for itself. Glass means future, transparency, no limits.
And it's pure cool, too.
This is very European. It could be Poland, Lithuania, Germany. At a first glance at least, I don't know what you architects see. Please share if there is something obvious to know. 
Tivoli had an USA:ian coming to perform soon.
I was here for bizniz. This is near the bizniz. 
On the way to bizniz.
Very spring and very romantic. Speaking of green, right outside the train station (it only takes ~12 minutes by train from the airport to the center), there is a Japanese-inspired café. I got a bun with red sweet bean filling, but there was one with green tea filling too that I was really curious about too. 
H.C. Andersen - if you have not heard of him, you surely have seen a Disney film based on his work. He is culturally huge, a must.
How imagination-ticklish isn't this Danish construction site? You're welcome. 

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