Thursday, 4 May 2017

The burial of the sardine, or, Fractions from a Murcian Parade

 This is a golden sardine from two weeks ago that is going to be burned at the end, stay tuned.
 First there were music parades. Loud, crowded, several different parts played at once.
 This type of flag usually represents a music group and the more stripes on it, the more tours around Spain made.
 *famous song* (probably)
 At night, Murcia's most famous parade was broadcasted live on local TV and sometimes even on the national. I personally think it should be worldwide. The sculptures are built uniquely for the occasion. 
 There were rumba dancers, a five stories high female astronaut, this ABBA-like group,
 paper shot at people from special paper cannons
and an eagle hanging entirely in the air had a Miss Universe on its back. Then came more than ten BUSES of people who threw free toys at the audience and people would catch them with umbrellas turned inside out and sometimes even fight. I took plenty of photos, but it doesn't look anything but greedy.
45 minutes too late, about 1 a.m., after some drama about the fish not burning at first, some gas helped the case and it was pretty spectacular. Yes, why would you call this a burial when it actually is a fire? Mystery. Then we walked home with fireworks at our backs, very beautiful.  

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