Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mosquitoes, swallows, spiders and ants report

I am not alone in my house anymore. I share it with at least 500 ants, spread out along the walls in neat paths. They come from the inside of door corners and double check with me: is this your food? They use body language, so I can only object and fight after they started claiming honey, sugar and examining the grocery shelf.

Luckily, no cockroaches have showed sign of life.

Spiders, I have been told, should be kept when found hanging around. They help to eat insects that fly in.
Mosquitoes are very absent (see statement above). I have heard one this year despite the numerous invitations with open windows and light turned on. Pepe says this house has a specific blue colour that makes mosquitoes stay away. Mine is yellow, so that maybe also works?
Swallows are the biggest surprise. I now know it's them talking outsides and last week was CRAZY. As if they all auditioned for a new Superman movie, inspired by Hitchcock's "Birds". The evening sky was full of them, which I assign to hatching and spring, and I thought more than once they would crash in to me when I stood on the terrace. It was safer indoors :( I could aim with Nick anywhere and catch up to six small black dramas with wings in one shot. The Archaeology museum in Calasparra which ceased being a museum maybe twenty years ago has the border of its roof full of nests. Question is, what do they like so much around here?

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