Thursday, 25 May 2017

More from the Stockholm sejour

 Old city, over 750 years. So familiar! So empty early in the morning. So touristic in the afternoon. 
 Across my high school. I don't have many memories associated to this place, but the ones I have are strong. I can still quote dialogue that took place from inside the school, which I remember far better. We had students hiding Easter eggs in the library, Halloween parties when people came wearing (teddy bear material) boats etc etc.
 Coming to a (though hot! 27 degrees on Friday - gossip media called it AFRICAN HEAT) flower-covered Stockholm is like travelling back in time. Murcia is past this type of flower scenario since end of April. 
Many new restaurants and places have opened (and closed) since - even the look of currency has changed. See you again in June! Probably. 

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