Thursday, 11 May 2017

Let's decorate the house!

 I wanted to 1) make my entrance happier 2) make it easier for friends to find. Bought 400 meters of polyester and started wiring till it got dark. 
First, I had the idea to try making a heart of red on a yellow background, but the bars are not symmetric enough to not make it look too pixly.
 (Don't worry, it's not a prison, most houses and bottom flats have some kind of armour.)
And how much is a few inches of 200 meters of thread? Just enough to draw attention. Neighbours came out to introduce themselves. Dolores to my left feared it would dye off on the asphalt, and that I would seduce her husband simply based on the fact that I addressed him too when he showed up. After the first rainy afternoon and I can assure you: no.
Then I painted under a veil because flies wanted to participate: old jars for yoghurt became a pen holder and a toothbrush holder. Colours came with me from Sweden.
Then I upgraded them with festivity. (In a shop run by Carmen's mother! Carmen is a colleague in Calasparra.)
The right one actually became exactly as I imagined, the left one even better.
Behind the scenes when plants got a second life.
Made a print of a photo taken of a flower shop near a castle in Norsborg, Sweden. The print shop owner proudly showed it to me upside down first, it took the edge off the effect. I hung the photo next to (if we fastforward time a bit) a dreamy painting of a mountain which I had made myself. One of my private students called it "beautiful".

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