Monday, 29 May 2017

Jana at the Jana beach

 Actually, it is Playa Llana, which is pronounced like my name, and Salinas is part of it. There are flamingos right at the entrance, but not in this blogpost, sorry.
 The scuba divers were hugging while sleeping nearby. So this is a good activity one could use as an excuse?  'Do you want go diving?' and no diving happens :)
 "Most clean beach around", said the lady at a restaurant where the basically every thing on the menu was "very tasty".
The most cool thing about that restaurant was Odin's hammer for cutting the pizza.
 But back to beach talk. At the far distance, you see La Manga! The two beaches will be connected with a bridge, some day, when both municipalities will have the will. And the funds.
 Air was hot, water not.
 But actually ok, when you get used to it. 
 And the wiiiind and the waveeees
 And the joyyyyy
And the roots of mysterious plants that look like balls and kilograms of seaweed
 This: flamingo domains. They of course make sure to stay far away from the human eye.
 But other birds paraglide from time to time. Red legs, mostly white body but white wings.
 So: guess the bird!
 Missing winter and skiing :p
It was a special kind of day, when it's sunny but all the sky is covered with a veil of evenly spread out clouds. Therefore, it looks darker now than it would have otherwise at this hour. And that was today's weather report, see you in the next blog post guys!

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