Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Gift season ended

 "Hana! Hanita! Come to see the headmaster", three co-workers said. I went, and got this silver pin of the school. Not yet opened, but he told me what is inside :D
 Earlier in the morning, I received an original poster signed with everyone's name and a thank you for my happiness. 
It stayed original for about five minutes, till the moment when I found out that the artist Carlos had two more copies printed in the teacher's room. Still, relatively unique.
Entonces, I got earrings, a clutch, a scarf (presented with the unsuspicious "Jana, could you come to the teachers' room, please? We need some help"), a photo of one class ("to become happy on a sad day"), a letter with happy words, more happy words and one (1) hug.

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