Friday, 5 May 2017

Get to know Nick!

I know there is a term for this, when you name your technology as if they were living beings. "Camera" sounds borderline boring as well as provocative, as so many people photograph these days, and I am absolutely convinced we don't need most of the photos we take. Memories? Sure, but in that case I would find it more practical to have a camera installed on my eyebrow, small as a piercing, and take photos automatically when I am surprised, or content, or happy. I am not really prepared to take this idea all the way (and there are sci-fi movies that show how unpractical this can be. Heard of the guy who had a camera installed in his eye and couldn't get privacy with his wife?). So, I will try to call baby (has been mine since...November?) Nikon D3300 "Nick." Bring Nick! Nick refuses to take photos when I want! Where is Nick? etc. Despite the name, I am assigning the camera female qualities for some time: Nick is a she, sometimes an it. Let's see how it works.
Nick often gets to work a lot, during hard conditions. There is sunlight and objects at the wrong places. She is targeting too far, aiming too high, feels challenged, but is treated quite well when not at work. She has her space in either a white IKEA chamber or at an open metal shelf next to highly cultural beings, such as a Toledo sword and letter paper from Sri Lanka with black elephants on it. Sometimes she gets to stay on the sofa next to its owner, which gives her (abstract) qualities of a pet. 

 Nick being a digital baby, she luckily comes with an instruction manual, so I really can get to know her from the inside. So far we have gotten to know each other quite well grace to the Torrevieja trip from last month, though. The mountain-village photo in Valencia is from that day. Ooops, off to baby food Nick some lithium.

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