Saturday, 13 May 2017

Existential questions on my staircase.

It is not yet entirely dark. Pepe left three quarters of an hour ago. We talked about the horse feast in Caravaca and the parades in May, the point of being so skinny that it is hard to tell which uncurvy body part is which, the accident. I had a pasta salad, my speciality, but with a twist. Then I quickly went to a bakery for empanadillas and passed by a bar which had hung up tiny cages outsides with three colourful birds, one in each, as one hangs flowers to decorate the walls.

And now I am enjoying a cup of green tea under the velvet sunset-blue sky, diluted by soft thin clouds. Some stars have started blinking. My down right neighbour has the lights on. It is past dinner time, so the area is very quiet except for a washing machine in the distance that makes a last round and an occasional ventilation aggregate that now and then turns on. The dog to the left that now has accepted me as a non-enemy, is asleep. It is very warm. I could probably be naked and not freeze - so you can imagine how hot it was under the sun during the day. I don't go anywhere without sunscreen and sunglasses during the afternoon. My house has very isolating walls, so it is a surprise to leave the chilly living room and the chilly kitchen and step out into what feels like a desert on my terrace or my balcony. This is just May. I can't imagine June.

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