Wednesday, 3 May 2017

"Did you ever get holier mail?"

This holy postcard is, of course, from the Vatican, the only country in the world where no children are born ever.
An invitation to a concert in Gnesta, Sweden.
This sender likes to never sign who she is and yet all the signs give her away.
A drawing to honour Alice Walker, a fighter for women's rights, and that it is not yet over. I have by now seen The Suffragettes, too, and say what you want about how strong or weak the film was, it contains very important elements. Such as: it took a suffragette's death, covered in media, to get world's attention to that women should have voting rights too.
Jérémy sent post to Sweden and France and I was on it.
These prams never reached the twins and their parents, but I have learned to do backup! Now two letters and two postcards in total have gone missing during six months. Too high a number.
A cat that made me think I should send something with animals too. A snail, to make it snail mail.
Not the least, a drawing of me as Napoleon or any conqueror of land in 19th century uniform. The suggestion is that I should call the adjacent, abandoned house mine. Yes, the one you see. And what flag would I have when I finally decide to annex? Therefore the questionmarks. 

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