Monday, 22 May 2017

Biking around

 Hi. In the interim, I have been to Stockholm, Copenhagen and back. Let's start with hot walk in Spain on Saturday, a week ago. 
 Love dramatic nature and when plants make lagoons in the asphalt. 
 On the other side, somebody was listening to really bad music that bou-nc-ed---on-theeee-hills 
 It's an old bridge, but still used for transport over the biggest river in the city.
Old but still in use!
Hello--ooo-ooo from the other siiiiiiide
Sunlight does magic.
One of two rivers in the area! They practice kayaking here. Up the stream, I once saw a dead deer in the water.
The neighbour across thinks I got this bike from my husband. I am not married. The same neighbour seems to mistreat his own wife, I will go to bottom with this.
Passive way of saying "beware of..."

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