Tuesday, 9 May 2017

All the pastry. Sort of.

Brilliant idea: eating all the variations of pastry in my town. Here you see my lunch, dinner and breakfast, in that order. Kidding! Only the right pastry was my lunch. The top one is the tastiest.
More of the industrial kind, nice nevertheless.
Crispy, but not too dry, with nuts and honey on top.
This is from the neighbour city, Cehegín. Classic old style "dark-but-we-have-flash" photo of two heavy creations with golden toppings. The box-shaped one is the best, with complex flavours and different textures.
If we care for the truth, neither of these two are actually purchased locally, but as they are traditional, they are found in my town too. The white powder bun is a favourite, like a croissant without all the crumbs and a little more sweet.
And then, I swear, I had a lot more pastry over the months, but in the dark (well for a phone camera at least, even darker than above). If you don't believe me, my round belly is proof. As an acquintance said looking at it, "it's visible that you are in Spain". And now I am doing zumba, so the pastries will have a natural decline. 

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