Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A nice surprise in my bag.

 I thought it was the cover of my gifts to other people, but it was a gift for me, not improbably from the same museum shop!  
 I tore it open. You would think I am an expert now during this gift period, but I am quite mediocre. 
 And it was a book about books! 
 Because when you read, you travel. 
 Inside, there are lists of books I shall mark that I want to check out, books I think should be prizewinners and lists of actual Pulitzer prize winners, Pen/Faulkner award for fiction-awarders (eh), The Man Booker Prize and National Book Award for Fiction. Of all listed, I have read four, possess another three and have read about or seen a movie-based-on several more. I didn't count, but the amount of books I can review surely matches the lists summed up together. 
 It is super hard to rate a book on a scale 1-5. Maybe it was the best dialogue ever, but the story lousy. Or it left me thinking of something I haven't before, and that is heaps of bonus points, but the characters are too uninteresting. You know how it is. I might invent my own scale. 
 The first book I ever quoted for personal fun was The Lord of Flies. Three type-written pages I think it was, on an actual typewriter. 
Good for the list of books I want to read, that would be like 70.

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  1. I am happy when you guys share stories, your thoughts and just comment - but not when you promote products without asking first. Therefore, I republish this comment by Verna Hopkind and remove the advertisement part:

    The Literary Journeys – A Reader’s Journal is an amazing little book that really helped make my reading better and helped me out when telling my friends about books. I got it from my daughter, but I kind of think it was a present for both of us since it helps her know if she wants to read my books, too.