Monday, 15 May 2017

A list of now's.

I have to: visit more museums around here.

I dream: very complex, elaborated dreams with different settings, conversations and arguments I remember when I wake up and could make a book of.

I consume: as fresh meat from the butcher and local vegetables as much as I can. My rice and olive oil are cultivated and packed in my city, nice.

I listen: carefully most of the time, I hope, and to "En Underbar podd" by Erika and Clara. (The latter also runs one of my favourite blogs that won a price as The Best Magazine in Sweden recently. A blog that is a magazine? Yes, because her content is rich and with variation.) Not a word wasted there. I prefer orchestrated talks because they bear more fruit. Compare it with a film, the actors never say euhm... or repeat themselves but deliver lines without hesitation.

I am thinking: that the heat has been easy to support so far. I looked at the fearsome blogpost from August and it was a bit exaggerated. People don't stay indoors 8-14 but 14-16 for lunch, siesta and the heat. Air condition saves lives, though. I HAVE had the experience of not being able to sleep because it was too hot.

I should: masterplan more projects.

I can: sell a painting I made. The idea is to do it on a market or ask how much colleagues would give for it. "In Spain, everything is legal", my colleague said after hearing my ideas.

I use: to surprise restaurant owners. Still. Today one lady couldn't understand why I would want to order two glasses of freshly made orange juice. She looked at my colleagues for laughing consolation and shrugged HARD, as if she wanted to find an explanation in the air above her shoulders.

I watch: the clips from Britain's Got Talent 2017. Judge Amanda Holden has a great costume... designer? And there are many talented and lovely people out there who travel the world to join the show, very sweet.

I know: that it is a good idea to learn more Spanish.

I enjoy: the calm yet vibrant village life in Calasparra.

I want: to see a ballet live at one of the big ballet houses in the world soon. Paris, maybe?

Usually, I: find myself in rather adventurous situations. 

I read: mostly bureaucratic or very specialised stuff right now. After my Sweden visit, I hope to bring a book with me from my long wish list.

I eat: odd things on odd hours. Yesterday I was hungry at 1 a.m.

I drink: a pear juice from my favourite brand right now, Granini.

I long for: meeting my friends in Stockholm and in England.

I fear: that too many people will suffer and die in the ongoing migration wave simply because of bad logistics and the unhuman conditions in the refugee camps.

List comes from Sandra.

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