Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Remember the pompous mascara names? Here is a new list.

I made a list three years ago with the arty names of some mascaras. M., a male friend, totally agreed: he doesn't stand a chance in the mascara jungle, would he want to purchase his girlfriend one. For all my readers: mascara is the colour most women put on their eyelashes. The container usually looks like a cylinder and sometimes, like a cylinder that made love with a space rocket prototype. And have the industries ran out of what to call it? Ha! Never will.

The new names are! No kidding:

1. Insane volume (ehh? Really? How insane? Are we talking like liters of mascara on each lash? Or volume in the sense that I have to get an extra seat at the airplane?)

2. Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect (you had me at "full fan", I never would buy half a fan which the other brands seem to manufacture)

3. The Schock

4. X-rated (really? Minors should look away from eyelash colour (black) now?)

5. Extended Play Gigablack Lash (my favourite, mostly because of the Gigablack but also because of the Extended Play)

6. Studio sculpt (romantic 1800's, hello, or hello Classical Age (but confusing as those statues didn't have eyelashes))

7. Upward black (becuase who would want downward black mascara? *shivers*)

8. Opulash Mascara Flightly

9. Instacurl (do you also see this image? An iron curl in miniature approaching your eyes?)

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