Tuesday, 11 April 2017

New words as of 2017, part I

Worm drive - not a quick, passionate worm but a gear formed as a screw meeting a cog wheel. Better to illustrate this with a common media photo, no?
Gnetter (swe) - eggs of lice. Despite being warned about the unpleasantness of lice since being a child, never did I hear this word until now in a podcast. (No images.)

Couvade syndrome - pregnancy syndrome. When a man gets a bit of a belly and doesn't feel all that great, as if he was pregnant himself, because his girlfriend/wife is.

Webinar - web-based seminar.

Collaborative overload - basically too many time-consuming meetings that affect the effectiveness of workers negatively.

Lettuce wrists - weak hands, when a goal keeper lets slip the ball through his hands

#blackoutpoetry - when you cross over all words on a page in a book you don't like/need anymore and create a poem of the words you like the most. Like here:

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