Friday, 14 April 2017

Men in uniform and other candy

 The Murcia parade is the worst parade I have seen. It is not BAD, it is not organised enough. Those who carried heavy statues in groups didn't keep the same pace and not all parents that accompanied their offsprings in the parade were dressed up, which wouldn't have been permitted in Cartagena. But these guys, who are paratroopers, did a good job.
Rifles juggled with and one guy smiled BECAUSE it is too hot. Good effort. 
 These shoes and socks (stockings) also belong to men.
Here are examples of the entire dress. This is at 21 degrees; soon it became 30. 
So where is the candy? Look closely at the baggy bellies! There are two layers of clothing, inbetween which candy is poured (directly from a plastic bag as above) and then handed out to kids, foremost.
This so-called trone is the oldest of those carried through the city, 417 years. 
 At the end came the mair (not visible here) and a person dressed as in the 16th century? My Murcian readers will correct me if I am wrong ;)
It's the details that are important. The girl to the left is looking the other way because her father is photographing her from a balcony behind :)
A too big horn to carry!
And with your balcony, you show to which brotherhood you belong or which one you support. 

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