Thursday, 20 April 2017

In Torrevieja

 Touristy Torrevieja! During our maybe two and a half hours here, we heard seven different languages, at least three variations of English and saw a Swedish real estate firm (with doubtful word placement but with good intentions surely).
 This is like a terrace that is a bridge. From the sea side you see, it is quite cold (refreshing). 

Under the bridge it is savanna hot, a parking all day for 2 euro (this makes some people very happy to know) and the asphalt is reserved for special kind of vehicles :)
 When sunset announced, we hurried to see the famous pink salty lake.
 Which is a protected area, it seems, but people occasionally take swims and come here to hang out. Even a bridal couple was here for photoshoots!
The lake, however, was not particularly pink. Well, this is the pinkest it gets. On Google earth it was more pink = colourful expectations. Was this the right lake? We hope so. If you are willing to recognise some warm tones in this pic, I would meet your argument with that this was at sunset - the time when a local had said was the best moment to see the place.

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