Friday, 21 April 2017

Fashion timez!

This will be a wonderful log to look back at when I grow older. This sweater might be with me, because it remains unchanged wherever I take it. Brand: Escorpio! Famous in Spain for its quality, among those who care for items to wear.
How bloggy isn't this?! Successful bloggers these days are called influencers and tend to travel to hot places, like this, and take hot artsy photos, like this.
This is an H&M skirt wind never can blow up that made the saleswoman behind the counter burst out that she wanted to buy one for her daughter, too. That if anything is a great compliment: when fashion people whole-heartedly support your taste.
I don't envy models that get to work in dazzling sun.
Insider info: this top was in particular purchased for my Spain trip. It has been very useful, I don't deny that, but who knew that it was TOO WARM for a sunny day? It's biggest asset is the straps that can be tied into bows.
So, what, half a year till next fashion shot, as usual?

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