Sunday, 2 April 2017

Expressions worn out - or to be more careful with

100% natural! I am walking down the yoghurt aisle at Carrefour (a mall in Spain with French origin). If health was contagious, here is where people would be cured. But then you take a closer look and see that the 100% natural jar contains equally natural sugar, and 3% pure fruit, and it couldn't be this natural without some citric acid and other preservatives.

100% original! I am surfing by a web shop with dresses. I assure you I have seen something similar before. Flower pattern, airy, short, silk or polyester - and yet this bold name. They certainly are not original enough to revolutionize the dress market, but maybe I should give it time before it catches on properly?

100% intelligent! My kitchen paper roll is seriously called that, because it is thrice as thick as the others. So I can hold my kitchen paper roll responsible for its actions? Discuss recipes with it? And how intelligent am I, if an inanimate thing is 100% percent clever?

Speaking of intelligence: my phone is darn smart! A smartphone, one word. Is it as smart as a dress? Because those exist too, and you would not be regarded as smart if you walk down the street with only a smart phone in you hand, because that is not smart enough. You need that dress to not be naked.

Not to mention 100 % guarantee (because the guy next door offers only 98 % guarantee?..), 100 % satisfaction (oh, really?) and all the other exaggerated lingo companies speak. Come on, be honest with me. Write the ingredients on the front with big letters and declare where your products come from, how fair to nature and humans and animals they are. Then I will be satisfied, find your customer awareness and your way of communication intelligent and sum up your work as smart.

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