Saturday, 29 April 2017

A year ago: in Amsterdam

Colourful sealing waxes are extinct in Sweden (if they were ever bred), so oh the joy when I found this letter-specialised shop on Amsterdam's streets. The jar I got is now almost completely empty. 
Friend and I found a park with water to play with and a "café" serving Turkish wraps, a popular local thing, with the most relaxed guy. "How long is this gonna take?" "I only have two hands." Ok, so it takes what it takes. At least it's honest service. 
These guys are definitely not from here AND got it all wrong. First: King's day, when you wear orange, is over. Second: you don't play football on the street.
The central streets are really crowded, back then also with a temporary theme park entertainment.
I remember asking if I needed my jacket when packing. Now when I see these shy leaves, I know that the answer was yes for a very good reason. While I imagine Sweden as very cold because I am at a warm place myself, I portraited The Netherlands as very warm when I was in Sweden.
But there were hot moments too.
Some mandatory Amsterdamy buildings and channels, yeah yeah, let's get it over with.
While we are at it, here is a public toilet.
I remember being lyric about this house. First, it was yellow and shiny and surely a favourite by everyone else on Instagram. Second, it had no basement. All bicycles were stored on the ground floor and visible for bypassers. That is much nicer than being under ground for no reason! 

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