Thursday, 30 March 2017

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Counterfeiting - illegal piracy such as DVD copies, fake Chanel bags and other - is the most lucrative illegal business, this report shows.

Two things:

as long as it is more lucrative than drug trafficking and human trafficking, I am happy, as I want both gone, eradicated forever.

I wish I knew more about the production process. I don't, but I still think I have a point regarding that a) it is difficult to have a legal business in many countries, so an illegal bag market isn't necessarily as bad as it sounds b) yes, this kind of business undermines economies. So when the police make razzias - don't burn and throw away the stuff; declare them, pay the missing taxes and put them on the market again, because just getting rid of them is a waste of earth's resources. c) in "Gomorra", Roberto Saviano points out that the illegal market actually boosts the reputation of brands like Prada and Chanel. The brands are happy for this free "advertising", which often comes from mafia-dominated villages where texile workers are so talented that there is no difference between that production and the original. Solve this, police and politicians?

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