Monday, 20 March 2017

The false lake of Cenajo

 The unnaturally striped landscape is 1 h 52 min away by car, according to Google. We had very little gas on this lovely hot day (how many kilometets do we have left? Does this car that passes by have gas to lend? Who can you call to pick us up? Oh I don't have any signal either), so we were happy this estimation was more than one hour wrong.
 It is a water reservoir, an embalse, that is known for its beauty and partly belongs to Murcia and partly to Castilla-La Mancha. Many people died when digging it: after the Civil war, dictator Franco forced the losing side to work for three day shifts for bread and water. The fourth day they "had a day off" - they got to "rest" with the arms in darbies (probably back in prison, but they got to stay, probably). Therefore, Franco used to say that this water reservoir was built for free.
 The other side, bungyjump-height.
 And a mystery tunnel, money not very well spent. Who comes here? Few people. And on top of the mountain is a Christian cross. Someone came and styled the hell of the area, but in a discrete way at a high cost.
 There is even a hotel! And at the back, a company that produces mineral water. Hmmm.
 The tunnel forks into "I can see the light" and "Let's not go here".
And follows the fake river, down the hill. 

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