Saturday, 25 March 2017

"Jana, what do you have for breakfast?"

Concha asked. She is a beautiful woman I go to my other school with by car on Tuesdays and Fridays.

"Oh, it varies", I answered. "But I am not a typical representative of Swedish habits."

Here is a list of my more frequent dishes, which change drastically and suddenly.

☆ Cold pizza with hot tea (super nice actually)
☆ Garlic (tapas ones, cloves that swim in spiced oil)
☆ Half a fuet
☆ Various sandwiches of different bread type with butter as a base and then cheese/jam/ham/avocado/bell pepper. Actually, avocado has probably never happened, but it has been very close several times.
☆ Croissants or other pastry
☆ Churros (Spanish tradition)
☆ Buckwheat porridge with milk and sugar (Russian tradition)
☆ Whole grain cereals with liquid honey, sliced banana and milk + dried apricots (Jana tradition)
☆ Pancakes. With melted white chocolate on the top is the beeeest. Making them takes an eternity though.
☆ Bacon and fried eggs
☆ Wafels, home made
☆ Any exotic fruit

And what about you, my friend? Surprise me!

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