Sunday, 5 March 2017

And I thought it would be a nice and calm walk, part III

 It turned out to be just fine, of course. The guided tour à 3 kilometers in rain was just a guided museum tour below the mountain, indoors. 
 I started hinting on lunch, but most of us would not hear of such a thing. Lunch, at 13? Ha! So we went walking in the not-even-a-coffee-for-sale direction, to the second castle. Which had abandoned houses on the way.
 Here it is! 
 Some were far ahead and waved to us who were behind. We eat the stems of flowers here, they can be served with vinegar. I found out when I asked T.: "What can we eat here?"
 Nobody knows how big the city - cities, the settlements were here already 5,000 years ago - around Monteagudo was. This castle is supposedly 900 years old, I believe. 
 But I am a bit surprised by the simplicity of its construction. 
 Maybe it was for practical reasons. 
 This is the first castle I visit from the inside, or shall I say rooftop, this year.
 It was sunny.
 After a morning of rain, that is particularly valuable. 
 Feet, graveyard, Monteagudo. I  didn't get that the statue is built on a castle until now.
 More friends. 
 Closeup of the graveyard. 
 With fancy houses in the coffee-and-restaurants direction.
 Handy people available for service. 
 The castle that you can, or can not, see is in a really bad shape. Why build a Jesus on it?
 Now, finally, it was lunch time in the middle of nowhere. 
 Except for the chicken coop,
 there were nice flowers and by now the rain had returned. 
Visible kitchen. Except for grilled things, I also had cake, a dulce leche something that was great.
Irish, Spanish, Greek and French currency.
And as part of the restaurant: Murcian bowling! You throw the ball in the air
and make tall sticks that look exactly as pencils (the type that has the eraser attached to the end with a metal piece) fall down on the soft sand.

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