Thursday, 2 February 2017

When I was in Arranjuez

 Arranjuez is known to be nice. It was on Christmas and new year's leave when I was there, so I remember it as rather sleepy, but I fancied the fountains in the royal park heaps.
 Castle was closed, of course. 
 But it had a wedding cake fountain with frosting.
 I was stand-in for a statue.  Who do you think is missing? A philosopher? A scientist? 
 Good for "indoor" marathons.
 I would build a castle with more variation.
 Then we went on this trip's final destination: 
Cuidad real (the real city). This is the town hall. On the square in front of it, there is a famous clock with figurines that spins as the clock strikes twelve. We missed it at least by a quarter of an hour. As the Russian expression goes, "we kissed the closed door". But there were markets and a bakery with something I decided to send to Sweden :)

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