Sunday, 19 February 2017

The city comes alive

 Had somebody told me the trains come here once a week, I might have believed them. It is so abandoned around here that the upper half of a tractor is missing for no reason. 
 This could have been a grand café once.
 With chairs around the tree, nice ladies with complicated handbags and their dogs drinking coffee. 
 At least twice a day there is a Renfe train, in Madrid or Cartagena direction.
 To come here, there is a road of two kilometers so straight, that it looks like the cars are not moving when they head right at you. No way that I would be riding that monotonous way back.
 I could clearly see the city from here and consulted Google maps for a moment. Basically, I couldn't get lost, nor matter how unused the path seemd. Rightly so, there were cars! Most strange experience was to see a man with maybe five dogs. Three of them were tied to the car and kept up with his speed; two ran behind and I imagined their teeth clenching my juicy thigh, but they decided to not get behind, even though they surely contemplated an alternative dinner. 
 And all roads lead to river Segura.
 Near which, of course, the lush green as the forclock of teenage boys.
 And acres of farmed land strech out with pride; this is where the famous Calasparra rice is cultivated. 
 And there is an artificial lake! To practice canoing. 
 Mystery house. No roof, all holes, not even a bench to sit. Anyone knows what it might be? It looks finished. 
And quite a few bridges with a semi-fake waterfall ended this slightly dangerous trip. For about one kilometer, I had to share space with vehicles going at 90 km/h the least. Everybody survived!

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