Friday, 17 February 2017

Road of Tapas

Tapas competition in Cehegín is still on! I decided to try out some of the most delicious-looking tapas in the competition booklet. FIVE places in two hours and no rush!
 Not a winner but fun with fried artichokes. 
 Basil ice cream on a bed of crumbs. Here the owner introduced me to a British couple, of which 50% thought I was from England and when I denied it, from Spain. 
 A dish I would never have guessed I would like! Jupiter of squid ink and mashed... rice?
As you might have deduced, each bar or restaurant competes with a special contestant. Usually two, unless it is a cocktail. One place has kept all of its contest dishes from the past years and offers 8-10 special tapas.
I found out the latter in an art gallery on my way, where they were preparing prizes for the carneval next week. I also learned that the word for "chicken" also could mean "drug".
This sauce is fan-tastic. The pan cute. But too little meat, and the potatoes - I have never seen such a shape. 

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