Wednesday, 15 February 2017

My birthday surprise party

I opened the door, and there was a surprise party with cake and party food. (The plastic angels will be sent by post as requested.) The surprise was for me and a friend, as our birthdays are very close. I thought. Then it turned out to be just for me. Friends were present on Skype too and all missing puzzle pieces abou the strange things going on lately landed.

I got a table game, a bag, a book, rose smelling soaps. As promised, here are photos of it all.
Bag. Practical. 
 Book. Philosophic. 
Pink fluids for the body, essential. 
The table game fallen into oblivion, here are the balloons from the party instead. Friend came up with the brilliant idea to donate them to the kids on the playground, introducing me as the birthday girl first,  of course. Somewhat 12 kids happy, nice.

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