Thursday, 16 February 2017

In my neighbourhood

 I took the bike while the sun still was up to the oldest almond trees in the area. Ninety at least. And there were surprisingly many bikers, seven, of which one (1) styled and two (2) were professional bikers, in lime green tights (and a little black) and all.
 Almond trees are both pink and white, and the only way to tell they are not abricots is that the abricot trees don't have flowers yet. And they are more white.
 Up on a hill, I tried to catch the mountain saga on camera. Not yet, I really have to read through the instruction manual soon.
 Then my friend came out from the house nearby. I waved from the hill, where I was catching the sun.
 "Why didn't you call me?" So we went to his house. 90% of what you see here, he built himself!
The birds were holding short concerts and solo performances, just choose the stage (tree) of your preference. Air was 16 degrees, FYI.
The dogs were very curious. Normally, countryside dogs bark at you because there is not much else to do. The oldest blonde stood on her back legs and almost scratched my arms, in a friendly but heavy way. She is seven human years, is that how it is counted? Ond year in total. 

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