Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Gone local.

 When I was in the mountains (lucky me, before the rain that casted for "Noah's ark" came to Calasparra), I spotted a cool bridge. Was that for trains? I decided to go there as soon as possible. 
 That moment was on Tuesday 6th of December, a Spanish holiday. When I bicycled down the asphalted hill, I remembered something very similar from my childhood, on the countryside of Hölö in Sweden. No people, an occasional car and lots of asphalt to have fun with. 
 Water on the ground is a rare thing here, mind you. When some German exchange teachers came, they wondered if this was a channel. No, it's a river!
Clearly, a lovers' place.
 The metalwork is from 1918 and is getting rusty (and scary...). The road is closed off, only accessible to pedestrians. 
 Ah, how a little water can make you happy. 
 The amusing thing is that I have passed by here, but only at night and driving, so not until I went hiking did I discover this place. More hiking to the people!  

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