Sunday, 26 February 2017

Carneval half a week!

 From Saturday to Tuesday people dress up and dance through the cities. More popular in some places than other. In one of my schools, I was a heart on Friday. 
 With glitter, I specifically asked for it and I was the only one. 
 The hats are reused annually, the heart is mine for forever. 
 Most teachers tried to dress in black to show the red better. 
The rest of the school were flags. Here you see Spains and the world map (from behind, heart in hands on a sky blue background) enter the gymnasium for collective dance.
 The next day, a friend brought wigs and a tiara and I became Minnie mouse princess. Some children expected candy of me?
 This is the carneval in Cartagena that takes at least 1.5 hours to watch from beginning till end.
 Glitter, lights, feathers, semi-nakedness. I was very tempted to participate some year. Which movements are the least exhausting to repeat for two hours?
 Butterflies, snowflakes, hearts of cards, half the jungle
 and swans.
To sit and watch on front row, some clever restaurants had come up with the idea to make it cost 20 € for a table and two chairs reservation. We were cleverer and went somewhere else. And then we went to an Indian restaurant to celebrate a thing and it was fun to see nuns and vampires and other people there as the most natural of things.

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