Friday, 3 February 2017

Aiming higher (sleeveless in December)

One day, my colleague Javier lent me a bike, so I seized the opportunity and went for the clouds. I had spotted there was a route up to the top, from the opposite mountain.
Turns out that no, not really, not at first. I actually had tone get on by foot. I hid the bike behind a rock and started my highfalutin walk to do some research about a specific location.
But first - following the adventures intuition. A waterfall! Something to be proud of when meeting Bullas people (the waterfall and the semi-caves they have there are beautiful, and lately the word spread and BUSES full with people came to invade that small pittoresque space. More about that in a future post).
The object of curiosity was this cemented path. Very soon, my shoes would become completely wet, so I take back what I thought was great advice: walk in the mountains just when the previous rain starts drying up. (The main reason for this are the colours, they are tenfold themselves, as if rain was makeup for the leaves.)
Then I balanced my way from the original path - I knew there was an old Mill house ahead.
But it was not one - they were many!
And look to the left! A cave, just where the tree is pointing.
And aah, the vegetation in general, most of which I 1) gently have to fight 2) carefully avoid 3) in either case, if there is time, admire.
Nature was totally in touch with me too :)
Upon arrival, the uninhabited floors covered with grass actually had a slightly scary vibe - somebody could be living here, hiding from authorities and angry girlfriends.
Place is equally splendid for a more temporal game, hide and seek.
 At the same time, I could not stop thinking: where did the mill people have a car? They needed a car, right? Maybe not. They just walked to the village if they needed something, or the milk man and the butcher's assistant would come with parcels, and maybe they could transport bigger things with help from the river.
Then adventure vibe led me past the walls and to...
...a hidden tower in the middle of the valley! Only accessible if you bring a bridge of your own and put across the waters. A well? A watch tower? Locals would know.
 Now, where is the path to the top?
 Oh, that was easy to find!
 A cross?! Ok, get it - the yellow line does not lead back downhill.
 Christmas gift wrapping!
"I wear a purple hat from the AW 16 collection."
I later asked Javier about the fire. The black part you see is was here it started - maybe some ten years ago, a farmer lost control of the flames that were aimed for something small and local and it spread also to the other side ofor the mountain.
Interesting how things change when seen above. Most of the time the things I want to see from above are not seen from above because something is covering them from above that I didn't think of.
 More fashion colours. Some weeks ago, I tried on a silk and velvet dress of exactly this nuance.
Always something special when seein a road guide its way through the landscape like this.
From the first top, I could see all the way to Caravaca de la cruz, which is 23 kilometers from here, and more south - Bullas, which is not super close either. I felt like a human satellite :)
Maybe an ordinary hill at the first glance, this is one of this mountain's rocky toppings that takes about one hour to get to. And look, the remnants of the fire. That completely ruined my idea - remember I went here for research? With this blackness around, it is not at all what I needed. 
But it had its beauty too.
I climbed even higher, but never reached the clouds. Can you see how they slide over the top ahead, as a soft tongue? Seems very close, but it isn't. 
 Going down and making life complicated.
 Lots of snails around here. Jérémy wondered once if some part of Murcia has been under the sea.
 Death berries, surely! Like pills on a branch.
When giants were cutting the stones for dinner, but had to leave quickly for some urgent business.
And then back to society.

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