Sunday, 22 January 2017

Two completely different things.

First, I would like to introduce environmental science as a mandatory course in any school of economics. 15 credits (about half a semester, ~6 weeks) shold be eye-opening enough. Why? Because as an elite student of economics in Sweden have pointed out, economics teachers can laugh about nature and environment, leaving the students eco analphabets.

Few subjects are so distant from nature as economics. And when the state budgets are discussed and proposed, economy people take large part in the decisions made - but little attention is given to taking care of the nature we have. Probably because of unawareness and the illusion that money and monetary growth is the most important thing.

Second, I think it is very troublesome to have voted for one person as a ruling figure, but it turns out to be a whole family I voted for. Nepotism is usually not a great source for potential, as leadership and trust from the people is not genetic. Trump did not hide that he wanted to involve family members, but I find it more democratic to inaugurate individuals from a more various background - other experienced politicians, former CEOs, academics and other experts in the field - on prominent posts than in-laws. 

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