Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Suddenly in Granada (Museum Mission: Alhambra)

 I wished Sandra Happy New Year in late December and it turned out she was in Spain! We quickly decided to go to Alhambra ("the red" in Arabic) in Granada. The first stone was put about 1,100 years ago and paets of fortresses kept being built till the last owner had to flee in the 16th century. This is an overview, experts are welcome to comment on more exact events.
 It is a complex of castles on a mountain. To get inside, one needs to book tickets in advance. 
 Lots of people (behind us) and nice architecture. 
First we made an expensive guess: it's ivory! It turned out to be plaster.
 "Everybody" says that you have to go to Granada the city and Alhambra the castle. I think it is like dipping a quill pen in ink, but dipping a toe in the chalice of history. It is a lot to take in and so many centuries boiled down in one place - and this I say without a guided tour.
 There are sharon fruit trees and evergreen palms, so this alone is great.

And so are the views. Moorish poets are said to describe this place as a pearl set in the emeralds, referring to the woods around aa the green backdrop.
 In summer, however, it is very hot in the outdoor parts. (No, Jana, I wouldn't risk.)
 This part belonged to one of the queens. There is a "secret river" inside a wall, a pear tree and the fountains form the M-letter of McDonald's, do you see?
 Big gardens = plenty of time to walk around while discussions flourish. We discussed the art of gaming. To me, it is a bit of a new world. Last year I played an eight hour session of Arkham horror for the first time - a big step from having mostly played chess, cards and Monopoly before. There is a LOT more to discover. 
 We also saw a chef!
 Apparently picking growing food from the garden. 
 We looked closer and saw many tasty plants. For the local restaurant, I suppose. 
Quite unexpected!
 After a mild car accident, we went for food hunting in the city.
 Imported from for example Morocco.
 Javier, my colleague, is of the opinion that I should stay at a hostel here for at least four days to get to know the town.
Maybe he is right.
 We had booked the entire restaurant! There was only one table and many pasta dishes. Sandra and Jonatan were lyric, I was less happy,
This restaurant made everything to look like it was  Burger King, but it wasn't. BK was the first to establish in Spain by the way, like two decades before McDonald's (which I mentioned twice in this post, wow. I really love hamburgers).
And then we went to each of our cities and did not celebrate Christmas.

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