Sunday, 1 January 2017

Road tripping: Toledo part I

Good thing is that Christmas lasts till 6th of January here in Spain, so the decorations stay for a little longer. 
As Toledo is supposed to be extra beautiful when decorated/just beautifully decorated at Christmas, it is one of the reasons I really wanted to come here. And are the ribbons not cute?
As many Medieval city relatives, this city is a big hill, which has grown bigger over time, of course. This means views in many directions. For views in general, paradors are great: they are usually old castles that the owners could not keep as they were, so they have been transformed to hotels, restaurants and a café at once. So - come here for an expensive beverage and enjoy the atmosphere, and/or the view.
For weapon lovers there is the Museum of Weapons (but I do not recommend it) and for Hobbit lovers there is also some choice. 
An given favourite: a crystal chandelier outdoors. 
Andy Warhol said something about shops becoming museums. In a way they are, with temporal exhibitions and affordable art. Easy access to the public, visible and for free, and at the most frequented shop streets the personnel would be extra careful with you not carrying some of the China produced art out.
Food is central and ham is essential, especially from the black iberian pig, which is a unique Iberic peninsula breed in the whole world. 
 And I bought a sword! 
Golden handle shaped the way swords were in Toledo when swords were a thing. After marzipan, which also is a local speciality, and edible objects in general, swords of all sizes is probably the most sold item in this town.

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