Saturday, 28 January 2017

My recent food experiences (in Spain!)

 My twist on a Spanish breakfast.
The countless pastry. This is many percent yolk.
At a Cuban restaurant in Alicante, which actually serves very Cuban food, I tried yuca and non-sweet banana. I am not against it, not at all, but am not seeing a natural way for me to use it in my every day cooking. 
With melted white chocolate on top, pancakes are marvelous.
Not my own breakfast, bit several Spanish friends prefer this for their breakfast. 
At one of my favourite burger places in Murcia so far - and I have visited many!
Salad as a starter at the Spanish wedding. 
 A very nice lemon souffle ice cream cake.
 At a vegetarian Christmas market. I also want to make smooth soups.
A gourmet restaurant I found with a friend by chance, shortly after doing business with an unknown man around the corner from the open trunk of a car. Now I recommend this Mula restaurant to everyone.
Smallest fish I have ever seen! Not my favourite at all, but now I know.

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