Sunday, 15 January 2017

Links that intrigued me lately

A hole calculator, for all of you who have started digging a hole as kids to try to reach the other end of the globe but grew up and devoted your time to something else.

Dollar street by Gapminder. Gapminder comes up with nice stuff for world awareness. How many children don't go to school these days, do you know? Or do you know what is the average income in Mexico or Malawi, and how similar the lives of people with the same income tends to be? Answering the latter, there is now a "world street" with photos and interviews with families around the world. People list what items they value as most important, their income and the interior of their houses. Very prejudice-killing.

Re-search. Nice! "When you perform an image search for a profession, Re-Search automatically does a parallel search to gender balance the results. Both results are shown side by side." Still a beta version, this site still has potential. 

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