Saturday, 21 January 2017

Jérémy is here! (A miniature Museum Mission)

 So we went to the cathedral tower in Murcia, me for the second time.
As usual, the guide didn't speak much English and none of the visitors was Spanish.
I was about to volunteer as an interpreter, but did some minor translations now and then instead.
 We also found a museum that seemed to had closed forever, the one of hydraulic systems ("apologies for the inconvenience"), and a place of town with mostly youth.
The cathedral itself was closed,
but the oriental-adorned casino was open. 
Most terrible photo of 2017 has a candidate. 

 Tapas, a must when getting to know the Spanish culture, is important to eat at a place highly recommended by locals. We went to a hundred years old restaurant. This barrel contains a very sweet wine, but it doesn't help, I still don't drink most alcoholic beverages. 

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