Friday, 13 January 2017

In Segovia

 After Cuenca and Toledo: Segovia. 
 These two wonderful views were mine during breakfast, two hundred steps from the Alcázar castle. 
 December and warm. But, evenings and mornings here are below zero.
 Alcázar is beautiful, and to the far right behind this window there is the first mechanical coin mint in Spain. 
 The colours (more vivid irl), the spirit. 
 Trees hugging walls while playing hide and seek.
 A chemistry lab can, as you see, be adorable. 
 Cathedral, and out of the frame, preparations for a marathon for children, many of them dressed as Santa Clauses. 
 Near the main shopping street. 
 Further away from the shopping street.
 This is a nationally famous restaurant, recommended in Guide Michelin as of 2016.
 The most classic dish is "piglet in the oven", so soft that you can cut it with a plate. The chef DID cut it with a plate, after a speech where he expressed his gratitude to the king to let this tradition be continued, I think he mentioned hunting too, and then threw the plate at the floor, breaking it into pieces. 
 That chef has a statue of himself right outside. 
 I walked up to this lovely lady who was writing postcards in Chinese under the aqueduct (I would torallh do the same) and asked if I could take a photo. She does a PhD on Chinese porcelain and its influences!
 Some internet reading showed that this aqueduct is 800 meters long but the pipes continue for kilometers to the mountains to collect water, and that the height of this Roman architecture only deviates by 1% throughout the whole tour.
 Make them in fashion again? 
 They would be so nice in people's gardens. 
 And a popular landmark that will attract tourists and lift any city's economy.
Then, our journey continued through La Mancha, like Don Quijote's, and on to Arranjuez.

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