Tuesday, 31 January 2017

For my first 29th birthday

Something like this? Velvet shoes to be pretty and comfortable in. Asos, Anthropologie and Burberry are my Pinterest sources. More than one pair is very welcome.
Books. Always books. In French, Swedish, English and Russian, please. Spanish not just yet. I am in particular curious about the discussed genre "young adult", so anything by Meg Rosoff, who won the ALMA-prize in 2016. "När hundarna kommer" by Jessica Schiefauer. "The Story of a Modern Woman" by Ella Hepworth Dixon (it isprobably a huge inspiration source for "Mrs Dalloway"). "The Devil Latch" by Sonya Hartnett. "Det är natten" by Karolina Ramquist. One of Han Kang's books.
A chic but comfy jumpsuit. Would add stripes to the latter, maybe spaghetti.
Letterpaper and envelopes. The most beautiful and detailed to be found.

And you know, the usual. Love from friends, a massage, a visit to a spa, a dinner or lunch at a Michelin star restaurant, a visit to a place where I have never been and lots of surprises. 

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