Sunday, 29 January 2017

Dancing in Barranda and chocolate in Cehegín

Today I was in Barranda! 
The village maybe has 4,000 inhabitants. That number probably increased by 2,000 or more this weekend. 
The main street had all kinds of delicacies.
 Like this lemon leaf in fried dough, a traditional dessert.
We also tried to guess how many people I would meet that I know. Two or five? Seven, it turned out. 
And there was dance! Everybody could participate. 
Music groups from Cehegín and Caravaca were there, for example, and in front of each was a new dance.
And the music was so loud and the dance energetic. 
Dancing is also possible with shopping bags.
There were spices for all kinds conditions in life - against memory loss as well as cannabis tea for better digestion. 
I am probably coming back, when the road to the Roman castle is not covered with mud (as the police though it might be) and to visit their famous Ethnographic museum.
At the same time Cehegín had "Ruta de la Tapa", when restaurants compete with each other and the ones who eat the food get a stamp in the tapa booklet can vote for a winner. We had a chocolate tapa and two bocadillos (sandwiches) but didn't vote. We didn't vote at all. Carmen, who is one of the seven people I met, said that we didn't try the best of the restaurants, but we kept the tapa map and can eat at that place some other. 

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