Monday, 23 January 2017

A windy afternoon near the sea

Here is a funny photo at least one person doesn't let me publish. He is literally falling off the edge. I save him, the person behind me pretends to push.
But here is another angle!
 Me, old bay.
 Still me, old bay.
 The paparazzi sensed blood.
Location: the at least 3,000 years old Cartagena.
This also happened :)
"Smile! You are on candid camera!"
We kept founding abandoned museums.
I refused to touch the genetalia of this statue. 
"It gives luck! Come on! Everyone in Cartagena has touched his balls!"
The first church or the first cathedral of Spain. It needs funds to be restored, anyhow.
A Roman theater that was found only because of the bombings during the civil war.
Important symbols.
This darling was having snacks.
#Sun #militarymountain
 No haaands! Funny how aware this makes me of history. You can't tell how many of us there was. The friends who I don't photograph or mention are as visible as unwritten history. You CAN ask witnesses, but they will be hard to find and you have to know where to look - most were tourists.
Then we became one with nature. Some of us tried to find a good explanation at the hospital for the potentially soon broken leg. "I was just out taking a photo, and then..."
On each side of this wall are two remarkable details. What can I say, come here on a weekday and see by yourself. 
Come and visit Cartagena in general ;)

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