Sunday, 20 August 2017

Dear födelsevrålet, dear BBmarchen,

I will not make it on time for the 13 o'clock demonstration at Mariatorget today. I really want to go, so I am with you in my heart. I totally agree with the current mother care being insufficient and it's a disaster that the birthing centers are being closed down and women in labour being sent home or to another, faraway hospital. Something so basic and essential for a society, to be able to offer a mother a safe environment for giving birth to her child, a child that is a citizen that later will continue build this very society, is a must. Politicians are being excellently eloquent on the matter, saying exactly nothing about more hospitals being built and underlining the nurses' and doctors' skills being most important. So what good does that do if all personnel is busy and hospitals enough far away for a birth in the car on the way there?

Födelsevrålet on Facebook.  Marches also take place in other cities in Sweden, I think.

The hashtag for today's protests is #bbmarschen

Saturday, 19 August 2017

I am so happy, I am so glad

You might remember this kickstarter project. Now it's reality! Goodness. Wow. I found it at the library this week and they cover a film I saw, Danish Girl, indirectly - so I feel very up to date.
Now that it exists, it is a good deed to keep it alive. I will read a few editions and see if I want to subscribe. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Golden diaries for the children when they grow up

I keep thinking how golden of an opportunity blogs written by mothers are for their children. When the children grow up, if the parent dies or if they want to know a detail the parent herself doesn't remember - then this is amazing material. I have read about cases when parents save photos, videos and texts by sending them to an email account and give the child the password on her/his 18th birthday. That is very nice too and less public. Still a bit embarrassing maybe, but foremost a source of family love.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Best of - searching for furniture online in Sweden (first part, I suppose)

When you want to sell something second hand, you want to attract as many buyers as possible. Here are some of the "best" strategies or funniest descriptions I saw this summer:

18th century piece - from IKEA

For free! Only 400 sek

Giving away, 100:-

"Besides that my cat has lived on this sofa for the past three years, it is super fresh. There is one hair in the corner."

*names famous IKEA brand of bookshelf*
"Nothing more to say"

"The white on the table is just powder"

And! A house donated entirely for free, I kid you not.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

"The Garden of Small Beginnings" by Abbi Waxman AND MORE

 I prefer the English title over the original, though: "Sad hearts' garden". And though the Main character, Lili, is still mourning her husband, it is a very funny book. I loved it and sent my first impressions to many people. Her children are funny, and they all create gardens together, in an I-love-life way. And to the right: an antology called "Things I would have liked to know when I was 15", or: "Saker jag hade velat veta när jag var 15". A nice read, a wise read, of course also for grownups. 
And how often do you know what an author looks like? Could you tell Rosseau apart from Balzac or Flaubert? Sure, if you do some research and could identify different centuries' styles, not by facial parameters. So, here is Abbi Waxman! A chocolate-loving, dog-loving funny author with a very patient husband. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Vegetation time!

 Since ever, I dreamt of having a fresh bouquet in my office. Then I thought: I could also have it at home, and bought new flowers every week for two years. Neighbours asked who my admirer was :) This from last week, when I had a party with myself. 
 Unpacked, it looked like this. It is like with clothes of a brand: flowers from specialised flower shops last longer.
 The same shop had this beauty. Should I buy it?
 A gift from Claire when she came to see me the first time since I returned from Spain.
A striped rose I hope will survive the winter! I am so happy to have found it. Second plant to join the household - the first is a zombie (not sure if it's dead or alive, it's partly green).
 These days I am a balcony owner with basil,  mint and oregano in cute pots from a second hand shop called Refurn.
Except for the basil plant, all are said to be great survivors, even in case of frost. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Things that I saw: can you see them?

Scenery ONE.
I pass by a team of four people. One is preparing the camera, one is doing a thousand things and therefore has a thousand titles, right now she is probably the interviewer. There is also a photographer and the centre of attention: a lady with so flowery clothes that they almost overshine the two green-blue-yellow parrots she has on each shoulder. I am tempted to seize the moment, as she is all set, and ask if I can take a photo myself, but I let it pass.

Scenery TWO.
The tram driver makes tricks. It is not difficult to run a tram: tracks are not really part of traffic, not like cars, most things automatic, no contact with passengers most of the time. So in his right hand, he has two drumsticks that he spins as a circus artist. Always the two sticks together, so they swing above his right shoulder, disappear behind his back and come up again the same way. He waves to a colleague in a meeting tram with his left hand, and up they go again. I am guessing he is singing a song along with it, maybe prepares for a concert. Or, maybe, this is just a fun way of stretching when sitting down for a long day.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Museum Mission (Cartagena): Museo Nacional de Arqueología Subacuática

 Above the ground, they have the labs!
The Underwater Archaeology Museum itself is slightly under sea level and encourages strongly its visitors to touch things.
 But I would maybe have used the hand symbol?
Anyhow: drawers with excellent smells. Some museums are bad at (forget?) to change things you can smell, but here each smell was very clear and pleasant.
Hmm. Here, you were supposed to see cool things with ropes and a big hanging ship from above and a LAB with EQUIPMENT that is normally used to examine old coins and pieces of wood that can tell us amazing stories. They are somewhere among my saved drafts, I hope. Till I find it: this is a museum you can visit in less than one hour (unless you read every sign of course) and it is touchy-feely, which is great. If i would say it is a must in Cartagena? No. But good to have visited it to know more about the area.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Museum Mission (Spain): Las Claras/Caja de ahorros de Murcia

Entirely for free (how many of you didn't get happy reading this? :)), Las Claras, the exhibition hall that belongs to the Fundación Cajamurcia (basically a bank?), has new exhibitions from time to time.
This spring, it was romantic art.

This was very powerful; I could almost hear the wind blowing out of the frame.
Always cool when you approach something that looks so real from far away, and find an unbelievable mixture of colours. That is something you can learn at art classes - if I buy paint, I buy every colour that looks pretty (and fill up tubes used up, too. For me, it is always the colour white). My friend who has attended art schools gives me the look and then buys colours I had no idea could be whirled together. 
 I hope none of you thinks "this is just a tree so what". It is a tree from a hot country. Spain or France, and it smells in a particular way and the grass is dry in a special sense and when you step around it the sounds your feet make together with other nature sounds are very special.
Very much like Calasparra or Aix-en-Provence. More like Aix-en-Provence.
This could be a bit of Russia (the church tower would have been different, but the birches and the colours match).
Sepia tones of nature either are loved, I think, or are found in dark places of museums that few people see because few people get inside to start with. How about this idea: photographing most (all) of paintings that look like this (1900's for example) and then make a film of it? They look so natural anyway and that could give us some interesting perspectives maybe that were not observed just when we were looking at one painting at a time.
The boat like a seed waiting for the water to come to it so it can grow.
"I simply paint with the eyes" - Joaquin Sorolla

Thursday, 10 August 2017

My New Words as of 2017, part III

Nomophobia - the fear to be without phone (no mobile phobia).

Ice cream headache - mostly known as brainfreeze, but it is also more scientific: sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia.

Confirmation bias - psychological phenomenon, when you only look for information that is in accordance with your point of view.

Mug shot - photos of criminals (but people who watch criminal TV-series know this since long ago).

Hard shoulder:
The part of the road where you can pull over in case of an emergency.

Post truth - no need to explain this one, I think. Sadly enough.

Hoffice - somebody's home you can use for a limited time as your office.

Pluma (swe.) - den mjuka, fjäderformade delen av fett som sitter på kotletten. Kallas också kotlettkåpa.

Forager - a person who collects or searches for wild food resources. Seems to be a profession in Sweden, a rather rare one though. Foraging, the term to actually seach (or collect) probably could be used in several languages. Is this true, dear readers from France?

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

I am a cornflower, and you?

 I found a flower test grace to a blogger who's name is Flora!
If you have never seen it in real life, you have missed something. Off you go and find it asap. Also, the first song I ever played on a flute was called "Cornflower". 
Your turn!

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A bunch of delicious meals. Also starring: kohlrabi.

For a long time, I have been wanting to share my food experiences with you. For inspiration. For the colours. Because it was tasty.
First out: colourful pasta always makes life better. In a salad, anywhere. And, I believe that there is more nutrition to it if there are traces of spinach and beetroot.
Now and then, I try to have a burger to find the best burger place. Bun meat Bun in the outskirts of Stockholm, my favourite hamburger bar, now has a section at Söderhallarna in central/southern Stockholm as well. This photo is taken at a place in Lund though, next to the station, called Viggo's. Also a very good place, even though not as perfect. Burgers are very difficult to photograph well, by the way. Praise all the food bloggers and instagrammers that succeed.

BY THE WAY. A friend claimed that french fries are just a vehicle for salt into your mouth. So not true???
From my Italian neighbours, I learned how to do a bruschetta. And when you know a recipe well, you can play around more. So - I fried the breads, instead of putting them in the oven. Another trick to get MORE garlic flavour is not only to rub the cloves in, but to buy a garlic bread.
 Then me and friend got the idea to cook food with vegetables or curiosities we had never cooked with before. First out: a kohlrabi, which is like the acrobat of food. You can fry it, cook it, grind it and eat it raw, Internet says. Bend it like Beckham! Or like Jamie Oliver. Soon, I mean, I haven't decided upon how to approach it yet.
 I found it at Bondens marknad (Farmer's market) at Tessinparken. It's harvest times in Sweden now! Sing hallelujah. This market happens on Saturdays in the mornings, for another month or so - but the one at Katarina bangata is much bigger (or, this one is tiny).