Sunday, 10 December 2017

Moratalla mirador in the mountains and us strolling around in Las Fuentes del marqués

 Street markets take place in different towns and different days, Moratalla being my favourite because of the sloping street. 
There, we met an old colleague of mine and she told us that to get to the hot water source - where the water is constantly 24 degrees - we would have to cross a tiny water stream and the road is all sandy and of clay. In short, we needed a 4x4 car. She guided us to the mirador of city instead: its viewpoint. 
 From which I was able to spot my former place of residence, Calasparra, by the shape of the mountains :)
 The mirador OF COURSE had both a bar and a restaurant. 
 Even a museum, which had been closed for a couple of months but would open again in some time, is to be found here :) there are some cave paintings inside.
 Pomegranates! Like Christmas tree decorations. 
 To get up here, I would recommend a car, like with the castellitos in Cartagena. 
 The road all curvy, bicycle tournaments are arranged here.
 And then we had lunch in Fuentes del marqués. 
 It is a rather big park outside of Caravaca de la Cruz, with caves and a river and cactuses. In the building you see, you can have lunch at a restaurant with the same name, where the staff is very nice. Bye for now, Spain. Hopefully we shall meet again in April! 

Christmas market at Skansen

 I have some photos to show you from the Moratalla and Caravaca trip, but till then, one of the most popular days of the year at Skansen: The Christmas Market. 
 Though home made and local and cool and good for the health and unique and pretty, available only for crazy Stockholm prices. 
 You could also dare Santa and get a gift with unknown content.
 Have a charcoal meal, too. This is pork and pancake, a traditional dish I was unaware of for the past three decades.
This sad horse pulled a carriage with people who were looking exclusively at their phones. What if the horse just would stop? Like, refuse to go any further. The clients would go away and the horse would be free :)

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Stripy outfit.

Sometimes this is a fashion blog too!
This English wool creation is one of my newest purchases, now you know. 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Batería de castillitos, "the abandoned museum" (Cartagena)

The friends I came here  with exclaimed jovially that next time we come to visit, they could walk the five kilometers up, or take the bike. I would not even think the thought of visiting without a car (having been here; had I not seen the mountains, I would of course join in).
The place was active starting 1933-1936, and has been abandoned (thank you peace) since a few decades back. 
Great for picknick, for example, but there is no sole litterbin or other facility for human needs. 
Echo echo echo echo 
I found a secret tunnel, which through total darkness lead to a view. 
Under this flat surface is a water reservoir, we discovered.
Just across, to the right: Cartagena itself. It has a natural harbour and there is archaeological evidence people have lived here for at least 3,000 years (which I mentioned in the last post too, I now see...).
Inside, there are frames and things that indicate what the rooms behind each door served for.
Bye, fortress.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Beach baby, beach

 Hidden gem near Cartagena. An old city, it's natural harbour has attracted inhabitants for 3,000+ years.
 Yet, it is mainly a harbour and not a beach city - which maybe makes this very calm and quite isolated pearl even more special. 
As I am blogging in retrospective, of course plenty of adventures have taken place since. Visit to a famous museum in Barranda, gaming night (Bang!), meeting friends and old students marathon, and we almost went to a hot water source in Moratalla (24 degrees), but that would require a 4×4 car, it turned out. So some other year! Now: flamenco concert.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Previously, in Alicante

South east Spain just stopped being 23 or even 17 degrees and went on to 12, and 5 and the rain season is about to start. Perfect time for vacation there then! :) I am waking up in four (4) hours to take an early plane and am staying there till Monday. Stay tuned for the adventures! 

Monday, 27 November 2017

How many political bodies do we need for a change?

Saturday, 1 p.m.: a peaceful demonstration in central Stockholm against the slavery in Libya that arose due to the refugee crisis. 

There are some things I want to know. 

I indeed felt that the position of my body was important. I made myself political by not just standing next to the stairs that lead to the square where the protests were, but by actually walking to the square and stand in the relative middle. But how many of us are needed for a change? I expressed my opinion by calmly screaming with the others, but who heard our screams? And, who will react to them?

There clearly ought to be a difference in how many people come, what they do and maybe some conclusions can be drawn from the origins, for example whether the demonstration was initiated by a Facebook invitation or if someone set fire on themselves in public. How media portraits the events is also crucial. I was there, and then I read an article in one of the biggest Swedish newspapers. It wasn't entirely correct.

I will do some research and get back to you. 

"Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine" by Gail Honeyman

Feel-good? Humour? It is mostly sadness, embedded in the actual formulation of what Eleanor is thinking and cleverly revealed piece by piece from the author's side. I cannot recall I ever cried so much when reading a book (available in 29 countries) as when reading this one. There are joyful moments too, but those are not the main elements. I also thought that the reading experience would alter, would I read in the original language, but then I came across and English piece and draw the conclusion that 1) excellent translation of the tone 2) no, it would not.