Sunday, 31 December 2017

FLITNEX - this is where you heard it first

After the true and funny but sad article that is circulating the web right now, and me and my friends still keep liking Love Actually despite its numerous flaws, it struck me:

The next big thing will be to select how your film ends. There will be separate scenes to place in the order you like and at first glance, no fix timeline. Hence the name - NETFLIX reversed. Maybe, FLIPNEX is even clearer about the effects of this service. The selling pitch, of course, would be "happy endings when you want!"

Happy future flixing, everyone! 

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Museum Mission: Stuckatörens våning

Stuccoer's flat, that would be. I chose a guided tour for children, which was a theatralic version: very amusing and well-planned, with two actors. Always nice to vary the traditional tours! This time it was a Christmas theme, so we got candy and ginger breads to eat when we left :) I lobed even second!
Axel Notini moved in here at David Bagares gata 10 in the late 1800's and did, you know, beautiful ornaments on inner ceilings. This apartment is now property of Stadsmuseet, kept like the original as far as it is possible, and this living room in particular served as a showroom for those who wanted to order some stucco.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Hi, nice to meet you! No, I don't want to know your name - just give me your IP address.

Frankly, I am becoming better at telling stories and always write ideas down for future use: a line here, a description there, something that made me smile or an exceptional detail that changes everything.

Here is a short story idea that surely has been made somewhere else already, but I might make it unique with my take - you judge. I am not sponsored or anything, some names are made up, you will see. The Swedish city in the story exists and is really old, you will figure out. Mdh = Mälardalens högskola, a Swedish university. Wrong spellings, if any, made on purpose.

The setting is absolutely true: when we make a search, it is saved by the search engine AND everything else connected to our computer by cookies. Companies can identify that YOU made the search. The second part of the story is that when I look at my own browsing history, I remember things, just the way photos I hold in my hand recalls memories. Drama depends on you really, go ahead, fill in all the blanks.

For the fun of it, our main character is a shy, kind, not very internet-experienced individual called Thor.

Fan fiction welcome.

Password: *******
upload: thor_larsen27.gimp
download: Sophie.jpg
wiki + sports marketing
wiki+ Västra arås + ice age
google maps Västerås
youtube + cute dogs
google + jokes animls funny
huffingtonpost search: smllest dog
google+ red dress
google + hot dress
yahoo mail: thank you for shopping at Net-a-porter, your order is on its way!
https:// duckduckgogo + positions
google maps from: Karlaplan, Stockholm to: Storgatan 22, Västerås
google maps + Storgatan, Västerås
google + Västerås + ambulance + dogFic
google + police
yahoo mail: we have received your return! For more offers, follow the link below:

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

A list about 2017.

Castles visited:
Moratalla castle (this is the view on our way up - I will show you the photos in a bit), Lorca castle (I spent the night in a part of it at least, one could say), Oxford castle, Häringe slott, Nynäs slott, castles in Ekerö.

New places visited:
Cambridge and Oxford. The homeless people read thick books on the Oxford streets. EVERY academic year is celebrated with various traditions (in Sweden, you get your degree sent by snailmail and then you have a nice dinner at the university if you want to come). Overheard a young man talking strategically about getting into one of the colleges and figured out right away that many conversations go like this.

Museums visited: plenty, as usual, and now I am starting to find more of the unknown ones in Stockholm, very happy about it. Some are still left to blog about, mainly because I need permission from each museum to publish my photos and they ask me to sign documents. It's not as easy to have a blog as it might seem to be ;)

Best food experiences:
First - flashbacks for comparison. In 2016, it was an almond ice cream in Málaga and a mushroom avioli with fried salvia made by an acquintance in Stockholm. In 2015, a ravioli and a pinsa in Italy. This year - the Michelin guide restaurant in Murcia, Spain; a soup recipe I found online and M's cooking. She seems to have a wand in her fridge. On Christmas eve, I met a lady, Monika, who makes the best cakes, period. Even when she tries new ways, without gluten, you are amazed by every bite. And even this year, of course, I came across a few memorable hamburgers with a story.

First photo taken of the year:
Ocaña, near Aranjuez. I was running the last minutes of 2016 to find a good spot for seeing fireworks, which is not very common on the countryside. But I found some! 

First photo of me:
This is January 1st, on the roof top of a hotel in Cuidad real. I look like a gift-wrapping bow, nice. 

Best gifts:
A special spot saved for the make-your-own thriller, the streaming movies subscription, golden plates, a dusty pink cover. Also on the list: all the things I wished for and got! I tried to keep the list small, so a strong success. 
Blogging successes:
Foremost - I have gained more permanent readers, which makes me very happy. I also feel I can communicate differently, as if we have a friendly conversation. I know it takes about eight years for a blog to gain success these days and ithe would be really fun if you wanted to continue on this blogging journey with me. Readers from Argentina and Macau found this blog, a photo from the blog was pinned on Pinterest and a freelance jounalist asked if she could use one of my photos for one of her articles. WOOHOO I AM FAMOUS!!!! And all those viagra and other fishy sites that link to me with user profiles that always are created since yesterday, I guess I could be flattered? I know for sure that some of them really came back to read, so, if you are still here: I am happy you liked my blog. Attracting a fishing reader with content is like the pleasure of converting someone to your religion, I guess, of I had experienced it :p
Best experiences:
My birthday was the most perfect of my life. 
What I had never done before:
Punting. This is the famous wooden Newton bridge in Cambridge, by the way! I have seen language expressions actually happen, like: "He startled" - he really startled, and some other wonderful things. I joined Snapchat and am still very reluctant. I am writing a thesis everyone can search for online once it is done. Mr. Michelin was a new experience. I am the president of an organisation. I found poetry, by Athena Farrokhzad, and loved the entire book - I never care for poetry this much.

Resolutions for 2018:
I have some ideas and wishes I have written down. Going by a Maglev train is one of them, and travelling in general. Learning even more English is also a goal, and Russian. Maybe finish a novel? 

Monday, 25 December 2017

"Jana, what do you have in your pockets?"

Fun interview: stopping people on the streets and ask what they carry in their bags. Or, maybe even more fun, in their pockets. Why? Because I just came back from a Christmas celebration at a house with warm hearts and a cold floor. So, right now in my jacket I have:

- two pairs of socks
- a jar of orange marmelade
- a pair of wool stockings
- embroidered gloves
- cool earplugs with gold inside

Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate it! Otherwise, a Merry day :)
Captured some days later: broccoli in each pocket, a gift. We had to make staff aware of this when we went shopping. They were very experienced and had seen it all, but we did get a hunch of two feeble smile-lookalikes. 

Friday, 22 December 2017

My new words as of 2017, part IV

Papermill - site with essays to cheat with. Moreover, the essay is split into parts for the student to present a credible (but simulated) working process.

Honeypotting - psychological tricks to convince someone to do something by using compliments.

Catfishing - pretending being someone you are not by using someone else's photos when for example dating online.

(Velouté sauce)

Katexis - psychoanalytical terminology for the emotional energy connected to an object

Rooftopping - climbing towers and construction sites (usually at sunrise for the light but when people are still asleep). Take selfies, maybe film it all, maybe celebrate a birthday. Climb back. No protection. High death risk.

Begpacking - tourists begging on the streets for funding.

Bouldering - climbing artificial rocks indoors.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Diminishing Christmas gifts

 Bare with me, I hope the resolution doesn't hurt your eyes! 
 This is all. Two more gifts, and one which is half Christmas, half birthday gift - but this is IT.
Quitting Christmas altogether didn't work that well, but this a good solution too. The book (ooops, spoiler) is going to be part of a lottery. A friend's family makes it less of a pressure thing if everyone just gets one thing, and the lottery mechanism allows you to swap. You can even end up taking your own gift home :)

Monday, 18 December 2017

"The Buddha in the Attic" by Julie Otsuka

Or, "Vi kom över havet" - "We came over the sea" - in Swedish.

It is one voice, it is many voices. There is one story, and another, and then a faith, then a wish. A secret, a sorrow, a dream, a fact we wished was different, a love story, a sad story, a letter, a photo, a kimono, a death. We love, we miss, we write to our mothers in Japan, they answer don't come back or your sisters will never get married, we never write, we write on Sundays when are husbands play Go.

It is true. It is sad. It is heart-wrenching. Who is the we? It is us, it is them, it is the observer, the author, you.

Friday, 15 December 2017

New take on Wilhelm Tell

 This shirt looks like new (or underwent plastic surgery for cotton?). Truth is, I had it for maybe 15 years. Did you know that blue clothes (which this is not) make you look more credible? And it could give you higher salary when negotiating wearing it? I wish I could remember where I read it to provide you a link.
So documented it must be. While at it, Jérémy and I, maybe mostly I, went a bit... artsy.
"Jana is wearing a shirt, and a satsuma"

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Moratalla mirador in the mountains and us strolling around in Las Fuentes del marqués

 Street markets take place in different towns and different days, Moratalla being my favourite because of the sloping street. 
There, we met an old colleague of mine and she told us that to get to the hot water source - where the water is constantly 24 degrees - we would have to cross a tiny water stream and the road is all sandy and of clay. In short, we needed a 4x4 car. She guided us to the mirador of city instead: its viewpoint. 
 From which I was able to spot my former place of residence, Calasparra, by the shape of the mountains :)
 The mirador OF COURSE had both a bar and a restaurant. 
 Even a museum, which had been closed for a couple of months but would open again in some time, is to be found here :) there are some cave paintings inside.
 Pomegranates! Like Christmas tree decorations. 
 To get up here, I would recommend a car, like with the castellitos in Cartagena. 
 The road all curvy, bicycle tournaments are arranged here.
 And then we had lunch in Fuentes del marqués. 
 It is a rather big park outside of Caravaca de la Cruz, with caves and a river and cactuses. In the building you see, you can have lunch at a restaurant with the same name, where the staff is very nice. Bye for now, Spain. Hopefully we shall meet again in April! 

Christmas market at Skansen

 I have some photos to show you from the Moratalla and Caravaca trip, but till then, one of the most popular days of the year at Skansen: The Christmas Market. 
 Though home made and local and cool and good for the health and unique and pretty, available only for crazy Stockholm prices. 
 You could also dare Santa and get a gift with unknown content.
 Have a charcoal meal, too. This is pork and pancake, a traditional dish I was unaware of for the past three decades.
This sad horse pulled a carriage with people who were looking exclusively at their phones. What if the horse just would stop? Like, refuse to go any further. The clients would go away and the horse would be free :)

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Stripy outfit.

Sometimes this is a fashion blog too!
This English wool creation is one of my newest purchases, now you know. 

Friday, 8 December 2017

Batería de castillitos, "the abandoned museum" (Cartagena)

The friends I came here  with exclaimed jovially that next time we come to visit, they could walk the five kilometers up, or take the bike. I would not even think the thought of visiting without a car (having been here; had I not seen the mountains, I would of course join in).
The place was active starting 1933-1936, and has been abandoned (thank you peace) since a few decades back. 
Great for picknick, for example, but there is no sole litterbin or other facility for human needs. 
Echo echo echo echo 
I found a secret tunnel, which through total darkness lead to a view. 
Under this flat surface is a water reservoir, we discovered.
Just across, to the right: Cartagena itself. It has a natural harbour and there is archaeological evidence people have lived here for at least 3,000 years (which I mentioned in the last post too, I now see...).
Inside, there are frames and things that indicate what the rooms behind each door served for.
Bye, fortress.