Saturday, 31 December 2016

Things I (officially) want for 20!7

☆ Design my own postcard collection and sell it somewhere. (And make my own ink and paper and send it to a friend.)

☆ Learn more French.

☆ Be able to play at least two pieces on the harp well without looking at the scores.

☆ Update my wardrobe into a more elegant composition, of which one should be a dress with 3D flowers. I might make it myself.

☆ Continue making the world a better place.

☆ Visit Portugal and Andorra.

☆ Find a research project/topic that will [get attention and] be useful for further debates on the matter. If all this can change the world to the better, the better.

And for the world:
☆ We need a new perspective on wars. Wars are obviously no longer a fight with where it is clear who the opponents are, WHERE they are and what everybody involved wants. We don't need as much military personnel as smart ways and structures to welcome and help refugees, and I see few countries as role models in receiving refugees. And if we cannot handle the big migration wave because our counties lack a system for this, then act in the ways you can. Help to identify the problems that made them flee and help to mend that. Talk in schools about what the situation of the refugees is like with real life examples. Talk about it on TV and the radio to make more people involved and to stay up to date; that media doesn't report on it doesn't mean that refugees stopped coming and that everything is fine. Don't stop reporting as long as the situation doesn't improve, and keep improving it. Together. 

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