Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The importance of a weekend.

 In Sweden, you strongly deviate from society if you don't ask your fellow people about their weekend. With this in mind, my colleagues (the men) giggle and pose this very question. This is what I didn't tell them: the visit to Totana.
 The discovery of a nice building composition and the temporary tinnitus caused by harp playing. 
 That some of the leaves where I live look like sweets.
 That this cool pendant, which is a gift, can be length adjusted.
That I bought a Christmas tree. In this shop, they had trees with roots, so it might survive years ahead. We'll see about that. I dressed my tree at home, took a few steps back and realised that this is a really stupid tradition. I will not have a tree the coming years, methink. Still love them all glittery in shops, though. 
 My firstly observed walnut tree.
 Orange eye candy.
 About one month more, and this sort will be at its best.
 Countryside house.
 But though they seem to be plenty, buyers wouldn't touch these:
 they are considered too few for a street market. 
 Well, more orange juice for the owner! 
 This is how mice eat almonds.
Squirrels take a big bite, split the nut in two and so long.

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