Sunday, 11 December 2016

"The goal is making the police come."

My friend was screaming so frightening nextdoors, that I thought something was really wrong. I asked the person on the other side of the line to hold on and tiptoed to the door. I could only hear two other people's voices - not my friend's. If they had stabbed him to death, shouldn't they be wanting to leave soon? But they continued discussing, who knows what, it all was in Spanish. "I call you back", I said to the person in the phone and listened some more. Finally my friend spoke, in a normal voice.

They were recording an actor! It turns out. The director likes making horror movies, and the scene was a woman attacking a man. Who had to scream. But the actor would not. "But she looks so nice", he said looking at the photo of the woman who plays the attacker and even after seeing the clip. "You are locked in a basement with your hands tied!" the other tried to explain and even demonstrate. It had to appear more credible. "The goal is to make the police come!" And it did indeed sound credible, but not when the actor was screaming. 

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